The Mint Shop

The Mint Shop

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Chocolate salame to indulge yourself

Where does time go? I wonder whether it is my impression or it seems to disappear. Some time ago a friend gave me a book entitled "Why time speeds up when you get older"; perhaps that might give me the answer - I am getting older every year I add an extra candle to the birthday cake. 

But I realize that I had promised you to give a full menu from one of my secret suppers; it started well but we seem to have skipped to pudding all the way from starter!....Well, I hope you'll forgive me. I'll fill up the gaps later on.

This is not a cake to have at one's birthday, but for sure a real treat, something you can indulge your friend with at the end of relaxed and chatty evening, with a cup of Italian coffee or a glass of sweet wine. And I assure you, a slice follows another!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

An (almost) mid-summer night dinner

The weather gifted us with a glorious weekend last week. It was real Summer. I spent three days bare foot, eating ice cream, and dozing on the deck chair in the garden. But as I am sure a number of people complaint because of the heat, it decided to take everything back and make us plunge once more in the midst of Autumn...this evening I've worn my coat again. Cold and rain characterize again our days so much so that our glimpse of Summer was a dream - a mid-summer night dream....

Fingers crossed for more Summer to come.