The Mint Shop

The Mint Shop

Thursday, 31 March 2011

A cake for Japan

I believe that one of the most rewarding things to do is to cook for friends. And for a good cause. Last Sunday both of them were in this green tea cake I baked for afternoon tea to raise funding for Japan. It was such a little effort that I do not feel I can be complimented. I wish I could do more.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Granola in the sun

Okay, I admit it.

Despite having trumpeted that I never suffer any jet-leg, this time it has it me. I was just going to stagger pretending that I hadn't traveled through 8 hour zones. And it has been a week already since we got back from sunny California.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Waiter, there's a crab on my plate!

I should have known that putting off the boring bits of work wouldn't have helped. So now that "my holiday in the sun" is over, and I am back at my little table, I am bored as hell. And waking up in the morning is still so hard. If I could, I would simply stay in bed or anywhere where I am not expected to pretend to work.

I am still half-dreaming the shades of blue of the sea, water and sky of California. I am glad we went in March as despite being sunny it was never too hot; a simple jumper or a shawl was enough to keep away the evening chill. T-shirt and shorts were fantastically pleasant without looking ridiculously under-dressed.  

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Californian Farmers' Markets

So where have I disappeared like this, without any warning or notice? No I didn't get kidnapped by the aliens or lost my job for too much blogging. Simple explanation: I was on holiday (or vacation as my Californian friends would say).

I admit though. I owe you profuse apologies. I am sorry. But I was so excited about packing and planning my holiday that I forgot to post an "out-of-office" message. But the excitement was well rewarded. We spent 10 days in sunny California (with a quick detour to the Grand Canyon). The place is truly beautiful and Californians know how to enjoy life. Great food everywhere and fantastic weather.