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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Poutine oui ou poutine non?

I believe every country has its own good share of fats and unhealthy foods. Sometimes the fattier and more caloric it is the better it tastes. Of course there are exceptions - and I would immediately list the Glasgonian deep fried Mars-bar...

This national Quebecois snack seems to be perfect after a long night out and many pints of Labatt as it is salty, fatty, and tasty. To be honest I was expecting something worse than what it was - possibly having experienced the deep fried Mars bar - as every time I mentioned poutine everyone rolled their eyes and sighted. Somebody even admitted that she allowed herself to indulge in it once a year - which made me think that this poutine was deadly poisonous. All it turned out to be was a plate of chips soaked in gravy and covered with crumbs of cheese curd. C'est tout? Oui, c'est tout! So I reckon that a medium portion has only 600cal which in the end is the equivalent of a very loaded pizza.

Poutine seems to be the French variation of the English pudding, clearly not the sweet version but the savoury one like the Yorkshire pudding that is typically eaten with roast beef. Possibly in origin there were no chips but more something like a batter that was then covered with cheese and topped with the gravy from the roast.

I must recognize that the look is not the most inviting but the taste is not bad - if you like those sort of things once in a while. We had ours sitting on a bench in one of the lovely roads of old Quebec City.



It was cute to find "posh" versions of poutines -"gnocchi and fois-gras".

Clearly I'm not going to give you a recipe for this but I might have inspired you to concoct something new next time you come back from the pub.


  1. The look is indeed not inviting but after all it's just chips and gravy with cheese - what could not be good about that? Will have to try when in Quebec then!

  2. ciao carissima Francesca, mi ha fatto piacere il tuo commento, amo la Toscana sebbene ne sia lontana ormai da molti anni, abito a Roma, ma il cuore รจ sempre in Maremma, infatti le mie ricette sono quasi tutte, toscane e maremmane...sul post della maremma hai scritto, ma credo che dipenda dalla brutta traduzione di google, mandrie di bufale, forse volevi scrivere mandrie di mucche, di buoi, bufale non ce ne sono in maremma, almeno fino a quando vi abitavo io, non vorrei che la globalizzazione avesse compiuto anche questo scempio...un caro saluto, Tamara